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Dr. Barbour’s Surgical Specialties

Dr. John Barbour is an internationally known and respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon who performs a range of aesthetic and functional procedures. His extensive work as a peripheral nerve and hand surgeon has helped him become an authority on procedures such as hand reconstruction, nerve compression syndromes and nerve tumors. Among a select group of other peripheral nerve surgeons, Dr. Barbour is recognized as a leader in the concept of muscle re-innervation, a revolutionary concept that can transform the lives of peripheral nerve injury, spinal cord injury, and extremity amputee patients.

More about Dr. Barbour

Dr. Barbour is a triple board certified surgeon who has more than fourteen years of experience in reconstructive surgery, including seven years specializing in plastic surgery and the treatment of nerve and traumatic injuries. If you are interested in learning more about the procedures offered at his state-of-the-art plastic surgery practice, contact Dr. Barbour at 703-587-0857 or via email at JBarbour@DrJohnBarbour.com to schedule a consultation at our central Washington DC location.



Washington, DC Office Location

3 Washington Circle, NW, Suites 207/208
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Email: JBarbour@DrJohnBarbour.com


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